Author: Heather Vogler

How to Handle the Homeschool Critic

We’ve all been there. The glares in the grocery store during school hours. The interrogating questions from strangers. The concerned family member that calls you midday to make sure you are really “doing school.” Critics exist. They aren’t going anywhere. The question is, how do you handle the unexpected snark remarks, questions or attitudes concerning your decision to homeschool?

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Embrace Your Heritage

We all have a heritage. Most of us can look back only a few generations and find relatives who have travelled far and wide with the hopes to start a new life here in the land we call America. What’s your story? Have you shared it with your children?

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Learning Everyday

My daughter and I made four dozen peanut butter chocolate balls this weekend. She had an order for two dozen and we decided to get ahead of the game and make four. Rather than separating education from our time in the kitchen, I used this opportunity to teach her math. And science.

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Curbing Picky Eaters

We recently visited a Chinese friend’s home and were welcomed with a fabulous, authentic meal. The ingredients were fresh, organic and traditionally Chinese. I was shocked when my children quickly picked up their chopsticks and dug in. Dumplings, noodles, pork, hot tea (on a 95 degree day in no air conditioning) and spicy veggies were all consumed with no complaint.

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