Author: Heather Vogler

Soup! It’s what’s for dinner.

Beat the winter blues by cooking up some soup. The versatility of soup is perfect for homeschooing families that want to make a large batch of something that can be reheated the next day or later in the week. These are some of my go-to soup recipes that are served often in my home.

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Stay at home Valentine’s date ideas

Date night is always a treat, but it does not happen often. Once we hire babysitters, pay them, and go to a decent restaurant ourselves, we have spent a pretty penny. If you are looking for a stay at home date night idea this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas:

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Go-to breakfast ideas

What does your breakfast routine look like? Is it a free for all, a mega-ordeal, or planned-to-the-T process? Regardless of your style, if you are looking for a bit of breakfast inspiration, here are several of my go-to ideas.

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