Author: Heather Vogler

Delight-directed writing

Writing does not just come naturally. A child verbalizing their thoughts and communicating them through writing are two completely different things. As homeschooling parents, it might frustrate us to no end. How do we encourage the intimidated writer?

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Preserving Picasso

The first time your child runs up to you, crayon-drawn picture in hand and declares, “mom, I made this for you,” doesn’t your heart just melt? Here are a few tips for keeping, displaying, and cherishing these masterpieces for years to come.

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Soup! It’s what’s for dinner.

Beat the winter blues by cooking up some soup. The versatility of soup is perfect for homeschooing families that want to make a large batch of something that can be reheated the next day or later in the week. These are some of my go-to soup recipes that are served often in my home.

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