Author: Deanne Crawford

Olympic Homeschooling

As the Olympic Winter Games began, I found myself completely in awe of the athletes who have secured a spot on the Olympic teams. Their dedication, determination, desire and sheer motivation are impressive to the say the least… Often times, I wonder… Do I have the same dedication and determination to my children and our homeschool?

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Today, let’s consider the final word in the motto: “Fortis,” or “Stronger”. During the bleakness and coldness of winter, are you feeling weak? Do you feel that your strength is waning and that it takes every ounce of energy you have to press forward?

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Citius translates to “faster” or “swifter.” While this is not usually the description that first comes to mind as we contemplate our homeschool journey, I would like to suggest that there are relevant applications to us as homeschool moms.

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Citius Altius Fortius

“Citius, Altius, Fortius” or “Faster, Higher, Stronger” became the official Olympic motto in 1894. Based on the words of Dominican Priest, Henri Didon, they were first expressed during the opening ceremony of a school sporting event in 1881. Fascinating, right, but are you wondering how this apply to yourself as a homeschool Mom?

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