Author: Deanne Crawford

You Have A Brain

Ben Carson has a profound life message for teens. Through the pages of this book, we get a glimpse of the power of self-education, yet more than this, we experience the character development of a young man who grapples with pride and temper issues.

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The Struggling Reader

Struggling Readers. So much has been written: yet, so much more needs to be. As the mom of a struggling reader, my goal is to offer words of wisdom. More than this, I seek to impart hope to you (and your child!).

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When Plans Go Awry

As you reflect upon last week, you are perplexed. Maybe your child cried through his daily math lessons, or perhaps dysgraphia crushes his spirit as he faces the seemingly endless writing in your current history program. Monday morning looms and you are filled with dread.

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