Author: Deanne Crawford

Entering the High School Zone

Does the idea of homeschooling a high school student strike fear deep into your heart? Or maybe you’re “in the trenches” of homeschooling high school and looking for direction. Homeschool consultant Deanne Crawford gives you a road map for navigating high school in these practical videos.

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Making the Most of Your Holiday Break

As the snow settles on your holiday celebrations, have your children become disinterested in their recent gift accumulations (or maybe this only happens with my children)? How does a weary homeschool mom (or any parent) inspire their children and avoid boredom during the holiday break?

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Bird Watching

When you think of nature studies, do you picture outdoors nature walks, catching critters and enjoying the simplicity of being outdoors? Depending on where you live, as the autumn and winter season approach, you may be putting the nature study on hold until the spring time. I want to encourage you to consider continuing nature studies throughout the year.

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Homeschooling on a Budget

The average family will spend $500 per child for homeschooling materials, and while this is significantly less than the typical cost per child in the public school system ($10,000+/year), individual families may be on either end of this spectrum.

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Becoming a Unit Study PRO

Whether you want ready-made unit studies or the tools to develop your own, this workshop could be the answer! In this workshop, consultant Deanne Crawford provides an overview and explanation of definitions, curriculum comparisons, and resources for implementing unit studies into your home.

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