Author: Deanne Crawford

Submarine Day Unit Study

Understanding the secrets of the sea has driven inventors, explorers and military minds to create and improve the unimaginable. Encourage your children to close their eyes and visualize this: An enclosed vessel submerged in water… one that may remind you of a large tin can.

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Unit study – ornithology

Regardless of your location, signs of spring are evident with the arrival of our fine feathered friends. Welcome to this month’s study. The study of birds (ornithology) lends itself naturally to the creation of a nature notebook.

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Do you kazoo?

Kazoo: musical instrument or annoying children’s party favor? Love or hate it, the kazoo has had a fascinating history, remarkable staying power, and is fun for all ages.

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A Honey of a Unit Study

A great philosopher once said, “A day without friends is like a pot without a single drop of honey inside.” Ok, so maybe Winnie the Pooh is not your typical philosopher, but his words resonate in our spirits. Learning more about the complexity and splendor of the honey bee and her sweet food source will fascinate children of all ages. Let’s make like Busy Bees and begin!

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Little Drummer Boy

As a family who loves to celebrate the Christmas season, we were excited when the sounds of Christmas filled the air. Whether meandering through the grocery story or hearing children sing loudly (and joyfully!) through their lessons, the songs of Christmas excite our senses in ways no other music does. Welcome to our December Unit Study on the Little Drummer Boy!

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