Author: Chad Stembridge

Home Scholars: An Interview with Lee Binz

Lee Binz is a veteran homeschool mom with two grown kids. You might know her from The HomeScholar. She happens to also be one of our super-duper guest contributors here! Recently, Lee agreed to do an interview about her homeschooling experience. I’m excited to give you a glimpse now into the life of The HomeScholar!

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Thousands of Free Resources

For many of us, a new homeschool year is just kicking into high gear. You’ve probably already gotten all your curriculum together, but everyone loves finding a few helpful additions, right? Especially… when they’re free!

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31 Day Homeschool Boot Camp

Have you seen Tina Robertson’s 31 Day Homeschool Boot Camp? If you’re just beginning to homeschool (or need some help for the upcoming year), why not pop on over and take a look? Here’s what Tina says about this series of 31 blog articles, on topics ranging from the very basics and organization, to curriculum and specific situations: Tina created this boot camp because it is her heart’s desire that any new or struggling homeschooler obtain some training as they embark on this daunting, but amazing journey of homeschooling. Check out the 31 Day Homeschool Boot...

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Weird & Unsocialized: An Interview with Kris Bales

Kris Bales is a homeschool mom of three kids, author of the blog Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. She’s also one of our super-duper guest contributors here! Recently, I asked Kris if she’d be willing to do an interview about her homeschooling journey. She agreed, so now I’m stoked to present a glimpse into her perspective of homeschooling.

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