Author: Chad Stembridge

The Homeschool Curriculum Summit

We’re excited to have four speakers from Rainbow Resource featured at the Homeschool Curriculum Summit, a free event hosted online May 3-10. Our speakers will dialogue with event hosts Todd and Jessie on various topics. Here’s the quick lineup.

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Snow Day!

For most of us in the United States, we’ll see some kind of snow this winter. Some of us will see way too much! Here are a few ideas for handling homeschooling on a wintery-weather day.

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Black parents are homeschooling their children to avoid racism

Homeschooling, common among white Americans, is showing an increase among African-Americans kids as well. African-Americans now make up about 10% of all homeschooled children in this fastest-growing form of education. However, the reasons for black kids to be homeschooled may not be the same as white kids. My research shows that black parents homeschool their children due to white racism. This may come as a surprise since, for many, we live in an age of alleged color blindness and post-racialism, characterized by the declining significance of race and racism. My research found strong evidence to suggest that racism is...

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