Author: Belinda Letchford

Teach Your Children to Be Assertive

Can your child stand up for themselves? Or are they a pushover? We’ve had to work on this skill in our family and I say it is a skill. Being assertive is a tricky thing to learn, especially in a family where you are highlighting the importance of considering the other person. We’ve had a few situations early in our family life where we saw that this needed to be addressed – it needed to be taught. One time we were on holidays and the kids were taking turns at having the first choice of which bed whenever we...

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Working with a Discipleship Scope and Sequence

A scope and sequence is a term used in educational circles to describe the sequence of subjects to be covered in various grades. When I wrote the Discipleship Scope and Sequence, I was trying to communicate the need to step outside of the academic realm and see that there are other issues that we need to progress through – maybe more importantly than the straight academics. Maybe today I’d write it slightly differently: The scope – being the subjects that we cover: Relationships Responsibilities Intrapersonal Skills Talents Academics Read the Full Article on Live Life With Your...

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Homeschooling is a Parenting Issue

Homeschooling parents often get frustrated because their kids simply won’t do what they say when it is ‘school time’. They are sloppy in their school work, lack motivation or refuse to listen to instruction. If we see homeschooling as a separate part of our life – like an event we go to, or a programme we sign up for, we look for a new role (like that of teacher or Principal), with new or different discipline techniques, to deal with their behaviours. But homeschooling is a parenting issue – the way we deal with these things in the other...

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Getting Our Homeschool Stuff Organised

These ten tips will help you get your homeschool stuff organized — or reorganized! 1. Art Supplies – I believe in making the art supplies available to the kids if they can use them appropriately – which means without undue mess and the ability (and desire) to clean up! Things like textas, paint, glitter and scissors were items that were given with a sense of responsibility with a firm reminder of not letting the younger ones use them as well! We kept our supplies in plastic boxes – all painting supplies together including aprons, all rubber stamping gear together,...

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10 Things We Did Well

Over the last little while I’ve started to see posts written by long time homeschoolers along the lines of “My 10 worst mistakes” or “What I learnt from my mistakes”. One day my daughter, Jessica, said to me, “What did you do right Mum?” I must admit, I’m more inclined to think along those positive lines as well. It isn’t that mistakes weren’t made, in fact most of the things we did well, were birthed out of something not working for us. So these are ten things (hopefully not the only things), that I think we did well with...

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