Author: Belinda Letchford

What Type of Mum Do You Want to Be?

What type of mum are you? What type of mum do you want to be? We can have airy-fairy ideas of what the ideal mum is like, and we may strive and struggle to be her but in the meantime we are probably missing precious moments of being with the very people that make us a mum! We need to have realistic idea of what a mum is, and keep that in our minds. As mum we can have expectations on ourselves on how we keep a clean house, how we cook nutritious meals, how we do things for...

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Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking is a life skill that our children need to have. Being able to cook means you can care for other people, with one of our most basic needs – food, and you can care for yourself. Food is very much a part of our culture’s expression of hospitality, which as a Christian, needs to be more about the care of others than the flash presentation of food – but cooking does come into it. Teaching my kids to cook hasn’t been a natural choice for me. Though I enjoy cooking myself, simplifying cooking and baking has been one...

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Speaking Words of Life

The Bible has many encouragements to watch what we say – Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love its use will eat its fruit. There will be fruit, consequences, from the words we say – and those consequences will bring either life or death. I’m sure you know what words of ‘death’ look like: nagging, name calling, belittling, angry, mean, critical, unkind, words based on mistrust. Words spoke with this heart or attitude bring death because when they come out of our mouth the spirit of our listener is crushed....

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Removing Technology is Only Half the Solution

When we say our kids are spending too much time in front of a screen, or with technology and we make a rash decision to put a stop to it – so we pull in the rules really tight. Only x number of minutes, per day, or maybe only on weekends. Whatever we think is suitable. But that is only half the job done… what are the kids going to do now? We actually need to back up a bit because the first thing we need to do is accept personal responsibility for your kids spending too much time...

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