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Comment Policy

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Forum Rules

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  • Friendly debate is welcome, as long as it remains friendly and non-political. Debates that are going downhill fast will be stopped by moderators. Purposefully riling up controversy will be viewed as trolling. We don’t feed trolls.
  • Private stuff stays private. Don’t share your personal information, and don’t share that “inside information” you have on a new curriculum coming out in two years. Use integrity.
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  • Please follow common-sense internet etiquette. Do your best to be polite and helpful, use good English, and be willing to learn.


  • You are not a moderator. Please let moderators do their jobs and don’t be overly-helpful in calling out people or spamming the “report” button on postings.
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  • Warnings: Unless circumstances call for a different course of action, generally users will be warned twice before receiving a temporary ban; two more warnings will result in a permanent ban.
  • Moderators abide by the rules, too. The administration won’t tolerate abuses of their additional privileges & responsibilities.