Dear Homeschooler,

Imagine a school that has been operating for centuries and has produced some of the greatest civic leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs of their era. Imagine a school that academically outperformes the public schools by a wide margin. Imagine a school where the student has the time and freedom to follow the pursuits of his heart and to develop his God-given talents. Imagine a school where the development of each student’s mind, body and character is the highest priority. Imagine a school where the teacher makes curriculum choices based on what works best for each student, and gives that student hours of individual attention each day. This school exists in tens of thousands of places today. This school is the home school.

Why use Rainbow Resource Center for your homeschooling needs? Five reasons:

Experience and Success. Homeschooling has been the focal point of our family since we started educating Jessica, our oldest child, in 1986. Last year our last two, Janine and Stephen, started college, and we ended a 26 year career of home education, 1st grade through high school. Our family average on the ACT test is 94th percentile, and all have gone on to college and have done well there. Our four oldest daughters are married with kids of their own and two of them have already started the next generation of homeschooling with their own children.

Low Prices, Year-Round. In 1989 we started Rainbow Resource Center as a curriculum recycling service to help stretch the homeschooling budget. As we transitioned to selling new products, we maintained our desire to keep our prices low while offering products that we knew worked well in a homeschooling setting. You will find our prices competitive with, and in many cases lower than, Amazon and other internet retailers. We price our products for consistency and we make every attempt to hold our prices for the life of our catalog, unlike many internet retailers who change their prices on a daily basis.

Great Selection with Detailed Descriptions. As you can see, our catalog is huge, the “phone book” of educational products. Why do we offer over 40,000 products? Our philosophy is that there is no one right way to teach; each child has different strengths and preferred ways of learning. By offering a wide variety of products, you can find the best ones for the student’s learning style and your teaching methodology. In addition to lots of core courses, we offer plenty of supplemental items to use as interest and budget allows. We attempt to provide detailed descriptions to help you make intelligent choices.

Fast, Free Shipping. 95% of our orders go out complete the next business day. Now we offer “Free Freight for Fifty” to save you even more money on orders over $50.

Free consulting. Need help sorting out your options? We have five experienced curriculum consultants with homeschool, private school, and public school teaching experience. Call in, email, or live chat with our consultants, and they will help you make your curriculum choices, all for no charge.

Quite simply, we believe Rainbow Resource Center is the best choice for homeschooling resources. Thank you for considering the educational materials that we offer. We look forward to serving you.

For the Glory of God,

Bob & Linda Schneider and family