Is Your Family Ready for the Next Presidential Debate?

Helping our children understand the ins and outs of elections is a noble, yet challenging task. As a mom of a child who first read the constitution for fun in 6th grade, politics and constitutional rights were part of my everyday experience. Regardless of the outcome, the 2016 elected president will be historic.

Studying Geography in the Context of History

There are dozens of choices on the market. My favorite way to teach Geography is in the context of History or Literature. The reason is simple, not only will combining Geography study with History or Literature will save you time and aggravation. It’ll make the lesson that much memorable as more connections are made in the brain.

Spelling Success: It is Possible!

Parents of homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike agree that spelling is a tricky subject. Many parents I talk to cringe when I bring up the subject. The only advice that I have to offer in this area is that slow and steady wins the race. Spelling is one of those subjects that you just need to keep on practicing and when you think your child has practiced enough, have them practice some more.

Schools of Thought

On The Fence About Homeschooling? 3 Common Questions

The type of people who homeschool usually have a tenacity inside them that push them forward, to keep going even when times get tough. They are often the ones who are used to going against the flow. Even though homeschooling parents need to have a strength within them to break the mold, there are still questions and fears that plague so many of us.

Teacher Reboot: Retreat! [Part 2]

Are you driving full force into your school year? Don’t take the GPS approach! Hit the brakes, stop “at the side of the road” and look back! Why look back when you want to move forward? Well, how do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?

Getting Organized

How to Downsize Your Homeschool

It’s an incredible feeling to have all that you need to homeschool with in a backpack. That is what we learned as we flew back and forth between the states and South America. Like most families that embrace the homeschooling lifestyle, we love all of the things that we use for learning. However, things can turn to clutter and clutter can trigger stress. Today, in how to downsize your homeschool, I’m sharing 4 tips for owning less.

The Perfect Homeschool Day

Everyone has their own ideal of perfection. Homeschool Moms are no exception! Whether it’s a spotless room dedicated to school or a hands-on project that captivates our child’s attention for hours, we all search for it.

Taming the Ink Beast

Have you ever found the perfect online printable only to remember you are almost out of ink? Your printer technically still works and you know that the “low ink” warning will give you a few more decent pages. You cross your fingers. Page one works, sigh. Page two starts to go fuzzy and then it happens, the ink is gone.

Glimpses of Life

Seasons: Fall

It’s autumn and there’s the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, apple and pumpkin everything. Beautiful, bountiful, colored leaves greet the eyes and crisp cool air lends itself to building leaf piles, and leaf pile jumping!

Do You Know the Season?

In Ecclesiastes 3, the Bible says, “To everything there is a season.” But, do YOU know the season you are in and is that where God wants you?

Teaching Life Lessons

Another blessing in learning at home is being able to take those teachable moments that happen everyday and turn them into life lessons in your homeschool. By doing this, we learn to love one another, esteem one another higher than ourselves and keep our focus on the one who made the ultimate sacrifice!

Home Life

Do You Date Your Children?

Many parents equate loving their children with quality time. In actuality, children equate love WITH time, so, quality AND quantity time fills their love tanks. It isn’t possible to fulfill that need to the brim everyday. But it is helpful to your relationship with each of your children to carve out some purposeful one on one time.

Curbing Picky Eaters

We recently visited a Chinese friend’s home and were welcomed with a fabulous, authentic meal. The ingredients were fresh, organic and traditionally Chinese. I was shocked when my children quickly picked up their chopsticks and dug in. Dumplings, noodles, pork, hot tea (on a 95 degree day in no air conditioning) and spicy veggies were all consumed with no complaint.

What Happens When Mom Is Sick?

This week has been a very tough week. I came down with a terrible cold that lead into many other health issues. I didn’t get out of bed for three days. I can honestly say I have never been so sick. My husband can’t always stay home, so what do I do when we still have homeschooling to get done?


When Dual Enrollment Doesn’t Work

It was an ideal my husband and I had held dearly to since the beginning of our homeschool journey. Dual Enrollment! A silly as it sounds, in our minds we already had our preschooler earning college credit. Then our little boy grew and blossomed into an intelligent, sharp minded, polite and pleasant young man.

You CAN Teach High School!

I get it all of the time: how can you possibly teach high school? As a matter of fact, in thinking back over my 17 plus years of answering questions about our homeschooling experiences, this is the one question I seem to answer the most often.

7 College Considerations

Is it just me, or has going to college become more and more of a difficult road to travel? I mean, I remember just applying to a few schools and choosing to go to the one a lot of friends were going to.


Morning Gathering Time for Older Children

Do you remember circle time in Preschool and Kindergarten? The daily time when the children and teacher (in this case mom) gather to go over the calendar, read books, recite the alphabet, and so on. I always admired moms who were able to fit this inviting time into their home school day. It’s funny how I always saw this morning time reserved for the little ones, but now I see the full benefits of reserving a special time for the older children.

Raising Young Entrepreneurs

This summer, I treated my kids to a paddleboat ride. I knew they loved it but what I didn’t know was that my nine year old had so much fun that he was setting aside some of his hard earned cash to pay to do it again. So where did he get his money? We don’t do allowances. I’m not entirely opposed to the idea, there certain are benefits and lessons kids can learn through them, we just don’t do it.

Summer (or Anytime!) Family Fun Ideas

In the hustle and bustle of the busy summer months, reconnecting as a family is priority. Every family is different in the type of activities they enjoy pursuing together, and it seems sometimes we get into a routine-a dull, predictable routine—doing the same activity week after week. I encourage you to think outside the box! As a family, at least once this summer (or aim for once a week!) plan a new activity.


Creating a Morning Basket – Part 3 – Read Aloud Time

So far in our “Creating A Morning Basket Series” we have covered: Bible Time and Hymn Study. Both of those topics are important in my homeschool because the Bible forms the very foundation of why we chose to homeschool. Hymn Study gives my children an appreciation for older songs that sing of Jesus and His wonderful ways.

Creating a Morning Basket – Part 2 – Hymn Study

In this second installment of the Creating A Morning Basket Series, we will be discussing Hymn Study. Hymns are an important part of my family’s homeschool journey. We find it very crucial to learn old hymns and the stories behind them. We also study the author and their life. Too many churches are falling away from singing the old hymns and many people don’t even know some of the popular ones.


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