The sneaky learner

Taking an auditory approach in learning methods has taken away the stress and reestablished the joy of learning in my 6-year-old’s little heart!

Family read-aloud: beyond the picture book

Reading aloud to preschoolers increases their phonic and grammatical awareness, solidifies their language development and strengthens their reading readiness. What about after that? Is there value to reading aloud to our older children?

Reevaluating your evaluations

The end of year is a signal for many homeschool households to either administer a standardized test or have their portfolio reviewed. But, how about an evaluation done by the parents of the previous school year itself?

Schools of Thought

Homeschooling is not public schooling at home

People are curious about how homeschooling works and what we do all day and what books we use. I, too, had many questions when I first began this journey of home education. With so many resources and opinions it can be hard to sift through it all and find what is right for your family.

The roles of parents in home education

Home educating is a lot different than sending children to a public school to learn. The roles are different, even for the children. I had to learn what my own role was and what my expectations of others were when I first started out.

Letting go of the stereotype

Homeschooling families come in all shapes and sizes and colors and backgrounds. No matter what religion, ethnicity, background, how many kids, or whether or not you wear skirts all the time, you can homeschool. Anyone can do it.

Getting Organized

What’s for dinner, Mom?

I have this kiddo who is a slight control freak. He also likes food, a lot! And he thrives on a schedule. Therefore, practically every morning he wakes up asking what’s for dinner!

Glimpses of Life


Perspective. According to Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, one definition for this word is, “a glass through which objects are viewed.”

Compassion shows the love of God

How can we be compassionate followers of Christ, compassionate families for Christ? We don’t have to go very far; there are people everywhere that are hurting, that are lonely or need a helping hand.

What are you known for?

For some reason the word and theme of Gentleness has come up in my world several times these past two weeks. Several! I have learned that when things keep repeating themselves, it is a clue to pay attention. I often times think it is how God speaks to us.

Home Life

Encouraging verses for the weary mom

When our hearts get overwhelmed, it is easy to fall prey to the lie that we are alone. That every other homeschooling mom has it all together and we are simply missing the mark. It’s important in these times not to dwell on our shortcomings but to encourage ourselves in the Lord.

Time does NOT heal all wounds

It is no secret that our family has traveled some rough roads in the past. I am not in the secret business and tend to bear my heart in my blog. But let’s face it, rough roads and hurt are not unique to our family. The Bible tells us that in this life we are going to have troubles.


Instilling a love for the Word

We all have heard different statistics concerning the numbers of youth who turn from their childhood faith in college. Some say 70%. One resource is quoted at saying 86% and one goes as far to say 94%. This shouldn’t be the case, but it is.

When Dual Enrollment Doesn’t Work

It was an ideal my husband and I had held dearly to since the beginning of our homeschool journey. Dual Enrollment! A silly as it sounds, in our minds we already had our preschooler earning college credit. Then our little boy grew and blossomed into an intelligent, sharp minded, polite and pleasant young man.

You CAN Teach High School!

I get it all of the time: how can you possibly teach high school? As a matter of fact, in thinking back over my 17 plus years of answering questions about our homeschooling experiences, this is the one question I seem to answer the most often.


When the weather outside is frightful

The adrenaline tends to keep me going around the holidays. Dreary weather can’t get me down because my eyes are focused on what is ahead. The fun, family, baking and celebration of the Jesus’ birth. I keep the kids busy during these months, right into the new year. Enter the New Year. Our friend Winter.

Winter inspired art projects

Do you find yourself skipping art altogether because of a failed art curriculum in the past? Is it easy to trudge through your math and language arts books and somehow get through it by the end of the year. Then you leave your art plans by the wayside?

Building the family foundation

Children frequently equate love with time.  Time is their primary love language. So, whether you homeschool or not, make sure you carve out time to spend together, unplugged, and fully engaged!


Why we still love Here to Help Learning

I am blessed to be able to homeschool. It is not a blessing I take lightly or for granted. I am also blessed by curriculum that we use, and curriculum that we review and eventually incorporate into our daily schedule. Here to Help Learning is one of those curriculums.

Carschooling the easy way

Every homeschooling family has had busy days where we are in the car for long periods of time. Sometimes it is just running errands locally. Sometimes it is going on a long trip. Although we can have peace about just skipping school for the day or doing it when we are home; there are other options to keep our children busy and on top of their work.


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