Language Arts – a Lovely Tapestry

It’s not surprising we feel overwhelmed by language arts curriculum. We talk about the core subjects and we tend to say “language arts” and to some extent we all know what is meant by that. But take a quick look at our website or our catalog and all of a sudden the waters seem much muddier.

Beyond the “Biggies”

Math, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies are the four core subjects to cover every school year. Let’s call them the “biggies” as in BIG, as in stuff you have to do. They require careful curriculum selection and your full planning attention as you begin the new season. Then there are the others: fine arts, enrichment, sports, foreign languages and other electives.

Finding the Right Math for Your Homeschool

When we began our homeschool journey math was one of the few subjects that we didn’t use curriculum for, but instead the girls worked from workbooks such as Kumon and helped me in the kitchen. I figured that we didn’t need a full math curriculum early on in our journey.

Schools of Thought

Why Charlotte Mason is Great for Homeschooling Boys

When I first started homeschooling my boys I wasn’t really sure what kind of homeschoolers we were. Honestly, I really didn’t realize how many options there were to choose from. Most of the material that I looked at and the families that I spoke with were using the Classical Education method. I decided to give it a try too.

On The Fence About Homeschooling? 3 Common Questions

The type of people who homeschool usually have a tenacity inside them that push them forward, to keep going even when times get tough. They are often the ones who are used to going against the flow. Even though homeschooling parents need to have a strength within them to break the mold, there are still questions and fears that plague so many of us.

Getting Organized

Planning 101

You have poured over catalogs and waded the seas of vendors at the homeschool conferences. You have sweated out the decisions, but have finally decided! Now that you have chosen the curriculum, what’s next?

How to Downsize Your Homeschool

It’s an incredible feeling to have all that you need to homeschool with in a backpack. That is what we learned as we flew back and forth between the states and South America. Like most families that embrace the homeschooling lifestyle, we love all of the things that we use for learning. However, things can turn to clutter and clutter can trigger stress. Today, in how to downsize your homeschool, I’m sharing 4 tips for owning less.

The Perfect Homeschool Day

Everyone has their own ideal of perfection. Homeschool Moms are no exception! Whether it’s a spotless room dedicated to school or a hands-on project that captivates our child’s attention for hours, we all search for it.

Glimpses of Life

Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There is good food, lots of family and friends, and no pressure to buy gifts. It is also the kickoff for the Christmas season (which seems way too short in my opinion). The smells of cinnamon and clove, nutmeg and pumpkin. The chattering of dear loved ones gathering together all for one purpose: to give thanks for all that we have.

Having A Mommy Time Out

The kids are arguing over a toy. The dog is barking at the commotion. The water is boiling over on the stove. The phone is ringing off the hook. The baby just spilled juice all over the couch. Your husband is stuck in traffic. To top it off, you have the start of a migraine.


Let’s talk a little bit about traditions. But let me first start with a little confession. I am not big into traditions. At all. Call me lazy or just a bad mom, but we tend to change things around a lot and don’t adhere to many traditions. But there are some fun ones out there for homeschooling and IF I was going to be inspired here’s what I would do.

Home Life

Moms Don’t Get Sick Days

I wish someone would have warned me to this universal fact, moms don’t get sick days. Had I known this over 20 years ago I would have written sick time into my parental contract!

How Does Your Husband Teach?

Us moms, we are different from our husbands in many ways, as it should be. Different tones of voice, different in stature, different in our mannerisms…..we bring different dynamics to the atmosphere of the home.

How to Handle the Homeschool Critic

We’ve all been there. The glares in the grocery store during school hours. The interrogating questions from strangers. The concerned family member that calls you midday to make sure you are really “doing school.” Critics exist. They aren’t going anywhere. The question is, how do you handle the unexpected snark remarks, questions or attitudes concerning your decision to homeschool?


When Dual Enrollment Doesn’t Work

It was an ideal my husband and I had held dearly to since the beginning of our homeschool journey. Dual Enrollment! A silly as it sounds, in our minds we already had our preschooler earning college credit. Then our little boy grew and blossomed into an intelligent, sharp minded, polite and pleasant young man.

You CAN Teach High School!

I get it all of the time: how can you possibly teach high school? As a matter of fact, in thinking back over my 17 plus years of answering questions about our homeschooling experiences, this is the one question I seem to answer the most often.

7 College Considerations

Is it just me, or has going to college become more and more of a difficult road to travel? I mean, I remember just applying to a few schools and choosing to go to the one a lot of friends were going to.


Keeping Travel Educational

Taking a roadtrip to visit Grandma doesn’t mean you have to put your child’s education on hold. Of course if you are a teacher at heart then you look for teaching opportunities in everyday situations anyways. You don’t stop being your child’s teacher when you walk out the door of your home. Whether it’s a short day trip or a week long excursion, you can {and probably already do!} keep your children engaged as you travel.

Encouraging Imaginative Play

Deanne’s family followed a Charlotte Mason philosophy and her children loved to dress up and pretend to be character(s) from the books read in their studies. It was common to peer through the window to see “Davy Crockett” traipsing between trees or “Laura Ingalls” skipping along the path.

Embrace Your Heritage

We all have a heritage. Most of us can look back only a few generations and find relatives who have travelled far and wide with the hopes to start a new life here in the land we call America. What’s your story? Have you shared it with your children?


Including Your Preschooler

Having a preschooler in the home while homeschooling older children can be difficult. While my three year old is a huge blessing to us, his attention span is not very long. During our “school time” I try to keep him occupied by putting on an educational show or I turn on his Kindle to an educational app. This doesn’t always work for very long. I have had to get creative with him by including him in our school work.

Creating a Morning Basket – Part 3 – Read Aloud Time

So far in our “Creating A Morning Basket Series” we have covered: Bible Time and Hymn Study. Both of those topics are important in my homeschool because the Bible forms the very foundation of why we chose to homeschool. Hymn Study gives my children an appreciation for older songs that sing of Jesus and His wonderful ways.

Creating a Morning Basket – Part 2 – Hymn Study

In this second installment of the Creating A Morning Basket Series, we will be discussing Hymn Study. Hymns are an important part of my family’s homeschool journey. We find it very crucial to learn old hymns and the stories behind them. We also study the author and their life. Too many churches are falling away from singing the old hymns and many people don’t even know some of the popular ones.


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