3 Homeschool Hacks You Can’t Miss This Summer

Summer is traditionally a time of rest and relaxation from the grueling school year schedule. Many families find the summer months pass quickly. Self-motivated children find ways to stay busy and learn more casually; the rest of us find our children have too much free time on their hands. Not guaranteed to completely erase summer boredom, these 3 summer hacks are a great way to guide children into learning!

Homesteading Fun

Have you wanted to bring the Little House on The Prairie Series to life for your kids? Have you wanted them to have a small taste of what life was like before cell phones, tablets or even electricity? If it were up to me, I would encourage every tween and teen in America to embark on a mission trip to an underdeveloped nation.

Nature journaling our way through science

Our nature journals are such a huge part of our homeschool. Not only is it science but it also includes art, writing, history, reading, and so much more. It has opened my world to so much that is around me every day.

Schools of Thought

How far should I push my child?

This question stumps me at times when trying to know how much to expect from my child. Even though the answer ultimately depends on the child, and the situation, the real issue that needs to be addressed is not so much what the child can handle but what the parent should expect.

Why do you homeschool?

We could debate upon test scores, the myths of socialization and more. I can even give you a couple dozen reasons why you should homeschool. Instead, I’d like to use an example from YOUR OWN life…

Getting Organized

My homeschool portfolio

Whether you choose to do standardized testing or a portfolio, it’s always a good thing to keep good records for the future. Even if your state doesn’t require any kind of proof of progress each year, it is such a great thing to do so you can see where you child was and where they are now academically.

Dealing with scheduled interruptions

When we’ve had a scheduled interruption, it is extremely hard to get my children’s minds redirected to our regular routine. Instead of trying to do that, I think going off the beaten path a bit and enjoying a variation in our learning can be fun.

What are the benefits of cooking once a month?

I don’t know about your schedule, but in my house, it’s run, run, run from first light to well into the night. We homeschool moms are just plain busy! And, if we don’t watch it, our family’s nutrition can suffer as a result.

Glimpses of Life

Searching for a slice of quiet

In life many of us are on a search. A bigger house, a better car, new clothes, the list goes on. But how many of us know that in our busy lives the one thing we really need is one of the simplest… Quiet.

Home Life

Summertime: A Different Kind of Rest

When summertime hits, for some of us, it’s all about the beach or the pool, family vacations, or simply a break from the regular routine. I would love to lounge poolside every day on and catch up on some good reading or to have an extended vacation and dig in sandy shores all day. However, that is not this summer’s reality, here at home with my sweet children.

Try journaling this summer

Maybe journaling is already a habit in your life or it might be something you have been thinking of implementing but haven’t taken the time to do it. This summer might be a great time to embark on this new venture.

Taking control of electronics

In recent years, electronics just can’t be avoided. Try as I might, they are everywhere. Whether it’s the TV, tablet, phone, or gaming system, they are in every home and every building. Even the library.


You can now move that tassel

Congratulations! How many of us have uttered that word this spring as we shook the hand of some well-deserving young person? High school graduation is ubiquitous. It happens all across the country; in small towns as well as in high schools as large as many small towns. For students, it’s a time to pause and bask in the attention before they turn their eyes toward the next phase of their life.

Instilling a love for the Word

We all have heard different statistics concerning the numbers of youth who turn from their childhood faith in college. Some say 70%. One resource is quoted at saying 86% and one goes as far to say 94%. This shouldn’t be the case, but it is.

When Dual Enrollment Doesn’t Work

It was an ideal my husband and I had held dearly to since the beginning of our homeschool journey. Dual Enrollment! A silly as it sounds, in our minds we already had our preschooler earning college credit. Then our little boy grew and blossomed into an intelligent, sharp minded, polite and pleasant young man.


Sneaking in summer learning

As summertime approaches we are all ready for a break. Homeschooling is a very hard job and one that doesn’t let out at 3pm every day. It can be hard to keep going each and every day so when summer comes we like to put the books aside and relax a bit. But, what if our kids still want to learn?


The Library: A Home School Family’s Best Friend

We know intuitively that our local library is a great resource, but let’s particularly focus on the library’s benefits for our home school. Do we fully utilize the breadth and depth of the services available during our school year?

Teaching from rest

Homeschool families are the busiest people I know. The homeschool community stays on the go and keeps their kids busy. I believe it has to do with “socializing” their children because society says they must be. There is nothing wrong with being busy and going here and there but I don’t feel called to do that. My calling is at home and being content with my surroundings.


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