Must-have resources for homeschool bookshelves

With the proliferation of the internet, sometimes the simplicity of physical print material gets overlooked. Why would you hunt for something within pages of paper when with a click of a button it’s on your monitor with ease?

The Great American Eclipse

What an awesome teaching opportunity! The solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017, is the first to be visible in the continental United States, from coast to coast, in 99 years!

Schools of Thought

The Most Important Lesson I Learned Through Homeschooling

When you think of homeschooling you probably think about educating your children. Giving them a love for learning. Teaching them the important things in life and guiding them along a path that will lead them to a successful life. But, another aspect of homeschooling is what the parents learn through this journey.

Response to Intervention – a Homeschooling Perspective

Let’s look at RTI. This stands for Response to Intervention and I think there are some good take-aways here for your homeschooling summer. The goal of RTI is to prevent academic failure in school and ensure students have the support they need to then enter the world of work/career training/college.

The Power of a Teacher

The power of a teacher’s words is undeniably a shaping force in a child’s life. Like all words, it can bring life or death, birth forth a dream or squash it in its tracks.

Getting Organized

Finding the homeschool support you need

Homeschooling is on the rise and so are people looking to connect with other like-minded homeschoolers. Many parents are on the search for other families with similar goals and interests in relation to their schooling choices to connect with.

When school’s not done by lunch

Each year we change things up a bit. Sometimes out of boredom and sometimes out of necessity. Through the years of kids growing up and the changes we make, I have one that seems to be the hardest to transition to – schooling after lunch.

Glimpses of Life

Homeschooling in a season of sacrifice

Homeschooling and homeschoolers go through a variety of seasons over the duration of their journey. Though not enjoyable, seasons of sacrifice teach us the greatest life lessons and end up giving us so much more.

Treasures in the Ordinary

If we look closely enough, we find that blessings abound in our regular, routine, day-to-day, ordinary lives. It’s the tiny things: the small victories, the sweet notes, a kind word, a song heard.

Home Life

Teaching hospitality

About a month ago I sat down with a group of my homeschool mom friends to discuss hospitality. It’s one topic that we all agreed is important to do not only for other but to teach our children. However, implementing this desired task is quite another thing all together!

Forming good habits

This fall, we will be working on forming good habits in our homeschool. I am training my children to be functioning adults one day. I want them to be pleasant adults who are responsible and reliable. Each person has certain habits that they have formed over their lives. Brushing your teeth each morning and night, combing your hair, making a bed.


You can now move that tassel

Congratulations! How many of us have uttered that word this spring as we shook the hand of some well-deserving young person? High school graduation is ubiquitous. It happens all across the country; in small towns as well as in high schools as large as many small towns. For students, it’s a time to pause and bask in the attention before they turn their eyes toward the next phase of their life.

Instilling a love for the Word

We all have heard different statistics concerning the numbers of youth who turn from their childhood faith in college. Some say 70%. One resource is quoted at saying 86% and one goes as far to say 94%. This shouldn’t be the case, but it is.

When Dual Enrollment Doesn’t Work

It was an ideal my husband and I had held dearly to since the beginning of our homeschool journey. Dual Enrollment! A silly as it sounds, in our minds we already had our preschooler earning college credit. Then our little boy grew and blossomed into an intelligent, sharp minded, polite and pleasant young man.


Adventures in Rock Hunting and Painting

There is a trend in my area (and maybe yours) that I hope lasts for a long time. It is painting rocks, hiding them, and then hunting for new ones. We call them “Kindness Rocks” here. People in my area paint rocks in thousands of different designs and hide them around town. They use a certain hashtag on the back of the rock so you can take a picture of it and post it on social media using the hashtag on the rock.

Celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot

Recently I was talking to a friend who is Jewish and celebrates the Biblical Fall Festivals. Seeing this change of season through her eyes and hearing her story really helped me put things into perspective. Not many Christians know what this season is about. Here’s what she had to say about why the Fall season is so special to her.

Summertime Blues

If I asked you to describe the perfect summer day, what thoughts invade your mind? Peaceful conversations over iced lemonade? Lounging on the beach while your children joyfully build sand castles nearby? Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? In my family, I remember eagerly awaiting the arrival of summer only to find that within a few short days, we were restless and short with each other.


The Library: A Home School Family’s Best Friend

We know intuitively that our local library is a great resource, but let’s particularly focus on the library’s benefits for our home school. Do we fully utilize the breadth and depth of the services available during our school year?

Teaching from rest

Homeschool families are the busiest people I know. The homeschool community stays on the go and keeps their kids busy. I believe it has to do with “socializing” their children because society says they must be. There is nothing wrong with being busy and going here and there but I don’t feel called to do that. My calling is at home and being content with my surroundings.


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